Friday, April 27, 2012

Man, I love getting paid to do this stuff.

Hey. I thought it's probably time to post some art again. First off, here are some pictures of my piece titled "We must embrace each other to fly." A few pictures of during the process of making it (while it was still in several pieces) and a few of when it was up in the gallery. It was my first piece in an art gallery, and it got a lot of really great feedback. It was the most popular piece in the whole gallery at the time. Very flattering :)

(that is a "google translation" latin for "we are all but angels with one wing")
 These next ones are all new (ish) commissions. All watercolors. I've actually been hired to do yet another Snape painting this week, which is totally fine by me. Happily married and I still have a giant crush on Snape.
 And now I have five more paintings that I really need to get hauling on, so I'll post more later.